If you want to design an outdoor area for entertaining, or just to unwind in your garden, Patios Arundel is the place to turn to. We specialise in designing outdoor spaces for all budgets, from premium outdoor furniture to fundamental patio designs.

"Serving the north shore to Coolangatta region, we have been servicing our local community with excellence since 1998, creating us as one of the premier Outdoor Living Companies in Queensland." Patios Arundel supplies a large selection of outdoor living facilities from traditional wooden terrace furniture, to modern high-tech designs. With more than 25 years experience within this business, we can be certain you will discover the great outdoor space to suit your needs.

Patios Bundell is exceptional due to their unique construction and features. All our Patio Furniture consists of either high density polyethylene (HDPE) or a similar material called polypropylene, which is water resistant, heat resistant, and extremely durable. A few of the products made by us also contain natural rubber bottoms, which are extremely comfortable to walk and protect your toes from all kinds of rough terrain. These are all the attributes that we strive to make each and every piece of Patio Furniture we create.

The grade of our patio furniture is also second to none. From our cozy seating options, to our designer patio tables and chairs, which are manufactured using only high-quality materials, to our signature patio umbrellas, there is nothing which fulfills our high standards. All our patio furniture is 100% recyclable, and we utilize only materials which will never damage the environment.

If you are looking to make a relaxing outdoor living area for your garden, then why not look at an entire pair of Patio Furniture from Patios Bundell? It's one of Australia's leading producers of outdoor furniture. Whether you desire a simple set of seats and tables, or a total set of chairs, sofa chairs, barbeque furniture, loungers and bar stools, with sofa sets, outdoor tables and bar stools, Patio Furniture from our array is the perfect method to create a truly relaxing outdoor living space.

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